Structure of OLGR

Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation

Licensing division

Responsible for:

  • licensing of persons and organisations under the various gaming, liquor and wine acts
  • applications for changes to licence conditions, variations to hours of trading, alterations to the number of gaming machines in clubs/hotels and other ancillary approvals
  • assessment and approval of game rules, operator control systems and gambling equipment
  • probity investigations into the suitability of major participants in the gaming industry.

Compliance division

Responsible for:

  • compliance and technical audits of liquor and gaming operators
  • inspections under the various liquor and gaming acts
  • complaints, investigations and enforcement actions
  • risk assessment of liquor licence applications
  • supporting safe night precinct boards to form and become fully operational.

Organisational services

Responsible for:

  • financial and information management services
  • media, marketing and strategic communications
  • information solutions
  • asset management
  • administrative services
  • Gambling Community Benefit Fund
  • business systems support
  • business intelligence capability.

Office of Regulatory Policy

Policy and legislation

Responsible for:

Further information

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